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Bagley Baits Crankbaits

Bagley Baits Crankbaits was started way back in 1954 by none other than master lure maker Jim Bagley. Jim started hand carving crankbaits out of balsa wood which gave his lures a distinct tight wobble and movement on a "start and stop" retrieve. It wasn't long before Bagley Baits released the "B" series of crankbaits much to the delight of fisherman around the world. Not only were the "B" series made out of balsa wood, they also feature a lead ballast mounted in the lip of the bait which enabled it to reach it's designed depth faster and provides the correct at rest "downward stance " of the lure.

The Bagley Lures "B" series of crankbaits also has brass hardware that keeps the patented action of the lure and enables the angler to throw more accurate casts. The B-1 is 2" in length, weighs 5/16oz and dives from 0 to 3'. The B-2 is 2 3/8" in length, weighs 5/8oz and dives 0 to 3'.The B-3 is 3" in length, weighs 11/16oz and dives 0 to 3'.

The "Killer B" series crankbaits also feature the same balsa wood body and components as the original "B" series except the Killer B series have the G-Force ultra thin lexan lip which creates a wide wobble action that really displaces a lot of water. Over the past few years the "Killer B" series have been the go to bait for a lot of top national touring pros and has accounted for multiple tournament wins. The Killer B2 is 2 1/4" in length and weighs 7/16oz and dives from 0 to 8'. The Bagley Baits Killer B3 is 3" in length, weighs 1/2oz and dive from 0 to 12'.