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Black Dog Swimbaits

The Black Dog Bait Company is owned and operated by Jeremy Anderson and Grant Olquin and is located in Danville, California. Jeremy and Grant are some of today's most innovative lure designers and have produced a line of products second to none. The first bait to come from Black Dog was the Shellcracker. The Shellcracker is a wooden hand carved bluegill shaped wake bait that has a two-piece, jointed body and a lexan tail. The Shellcracker features incredible airbrushed paint jobs, glass eyes, and come in four different colors: bluegill, crappie, red ear, and delta craw. The Shellcracker weighs 3.5oz and is 5 1/2" in length and comes in a floating and sinking model. The Shellcracker is designed to create a wake on the surface of the water during the retrieve. It can also be dead-sticked or twitched. Its superior design and proven performance on the water sets this bait apart from other wake baits.

The next baits coming out from Black Dog was the Lunker Punker and Lunker Punker Jr. The Lunker Punker is an incredible top water lure that has a patended design that keeps the lure working slowly across the surface mimicking a large bait fish. There a lot of "walk the dog" type baits on the market today, but the Lunker Punker shines above the rest because of it's large profile and ability to swing really wide or narrow depending upon your retrieve. The Black Dog Lunker Punker is 8" in length and weighs a rod bending 4oz and the Jr model is 6.5" and weighs 3.5oz. Both models are available in three different colors: trout, chartreuse shad, and Delta shiner. Both models are hand carved from wood and feature exquisite detailing and airbrushed finishes.

The Go 2 Minnow is another awesome wake bait style lure that has similar movement to the Shell Cracker but features a more slender bait fish shaped body. The Go 2 Minnow form Black Dog Baits is a 6 hand carved jointed wake bait with glass eyes and a lexan tail. When retrieved at a slow pace this bait creates a slow slithering wake and quiver of a wounded fish on the surface, a fish catching commotion that bass love. The Go 2 Minnow can be dead sticked, twitched or waked in and can be deadly when fished slow in flooded timber, around tulles, over submerged cover like stumps, rock piles. The Black Dog Go 2 Minnow has an airbrushed finish to add realism, 1/0 hooks and comes in three colors: Chartreuse Shad, Rainbow Trout and Shiner.

If you are a serious trophy hunter or tournament angler, you need to check out Black Dog's Tailwagger swimbait. The Tail Wagger is a fantastic swimming bait designed to fool even the pickiest of the giants. Its triple jointed action and sweet paint job makes this bait the one to beat. No bass in his right mind will resist this bad-boy. It can be fished slow or fast, creating a realistic swimming action. The Tail Wagger is 10" in length and features two 2/0 Owner treble hooks and comes in a rainbow trout color.

If you are looking to catch a fish of a lifetime, tie on a Black Dog bait and have the net ready.