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California Swimbabes Swimbaits

California Swimbabes Inc. was started in March of 2006, production and sales have grown tremendously as word spreads of the great luck people are having with the products poured by California Swimbabes. With owner, Mike Berry's skill and knowledge of swimbaits, that he has acquired in his years of fishing southern California waters searching for those exclusive giant largemouth bass and various tournaments around the country, fishing for all types of fish that could be caught on swimbaits. He and his brother Art have and are continuing to design new products for the fishing world.

The Tiny "E" is the hottest little Swimbait on the planet! Another swimbait designed for tournament fishing as was it's bigger predecessor the Baby "E". This swimbait weighs in at a mere 1/2 oz. and is only 4 1/2 inches long. California Swimbabes Tiny "E" already holds the Lake record at Diamond Valley Lake in California landing a 29.77 lb Striper on the Millennium 3 color of the Tiny "E". Showing her versatility landing any species of fish in fresh or salt water, making the Tiny "E" one of the only swimbaits available that has no competition or rivals in it's class.

The Baby "E" is the Tournament Swimbait of choice. This swimbait was originally designed specifically for the tournament fisherman. Available in the weighted or non-weighted versions. There are a lot of big swimbaits made designed to catch those elusive giant largemouth when fun fishing but few Pro Fisherman have the confidence to use those larger swimbaits when fishing tournaments with thousands of dollars at stake. That is why the Baby "E" was invented and now all of the big name Pro's talk about the Baby "E" as a must have bait for the next tournament.

The Hot Mom "E" or Big Hot Momma is California Swimbabes big fish swimbait with life like feel and movement to mimic nearly every bait fish imaginable. The Big Hot Momma is 9" in length and the Hot Momma is a 7" model and both come in a variety of colors.