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Deps Buzzjet

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Price: $27.99

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It is not often that a bait comes along that is unique from all others but the Deps Buzzjet is just that. The bait can be fished in multiple ways, twitch it, crank it or walk it the chose is yours. Detailed finishes and counter weight system finish off this awesome new offering from Deps. Often just offering bass a different look creates results and when accompanied with the action and versatility of the Buzzjet it will result in more fish in the well.

Model Length Weight Type
Deps BuzzJet 4 inch 1 oz Propped Wake Bait
Deps BuzzJet Jr. 3 inch 1/2 oz Propped Wake Bait

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Product Reviews

(4 Ratings, 4 Reviews) Average Rating:
very nice and different
Shoua Yang (Charlotte, NC) 6/14/2009 1:58 AM
This is a very nice and different lure than what I'm use to fishing with. I actually didn't know how to start using this lure or its technique. It can be fished in many different ways; almost a 3 in 1 lure. If you reel the lure in really slow, it'll have a walk the dog effect. If you pull the lure hard, it'll dive followed by a loud splash sound attracting bass. Or you can just reel it in and it'll dive a shallow depth but will rattle similar to that of a lipless crank (i.e.: a rat L trap). This is one loud lure though. My second cast and bass was all over this lure. But my recommendation is to use this lure in the morning or on an overcast day when bass is more likely to be active. I've had more success with this lure in overcast skies. The only con I have about this lure is that it’s so big, heavy, and expensive that you might want to put a stronger line and inspect your line whenever in doubt. Every time I cast this lure out, I feel like I’m tossing my money into the lake. also I’ve missed a couple of bass because the hooks are so far apart that if a bass attacks from the bottom tail side, the bass will probably miss the hook. But overall, I really enjoy this lure and hoping to add the Buzzjet jr to my collection
One of my goto Baits
Brandon Young (warren, RI) 1/17/2009 9:50 PM
This little gem from Japan is definitely one you should have in your box. It throws a huge wake can be popped slightly walked and is as noisy as anything. I have had huge success with this bait catching that lunker in a few tourneys and it is a overall fun bait to throw at night. I have seen 6's produced on this and some decent 4-5lb range smallies. It seems just to piss them off enough to bring them out of 20+ foot of water. Again I have about 6 of these guys and would feel naked on any trip with out them. . BestNetManAround
Buzzjet Jr.-the waking prop bait
Michael Carter (Winchester, KY) 12/29/2008 12:39 PM
At first glance the Buzzjet and Buzzjet Jr. look like another shallow crankbait. But put it in the water and you realize how different it is. Unlike many most supershallow cranks this one puts out a vibration that feels like a big spinnerbait. Combine that with the extra splash of the prop and the loud rattles and you have a wake bait that has tremendous drawing power. The quality of the finish and components are surpassed by no other topwater. The Buzzjets can be cranked like a shallow runner as well as fished on top. This may not be the most effective way to fish the bait but it allows you to work the bait faster when out of the primary strike zone and still having the chance of that bonus action while covering more water than most topwaters. With the ability to cast a mile and draw long distance strikes the Buzzjets excel at covering water like few other lures on the water. At night these are already the primary towater lures in many tackleboxes. In the daytime there may not be a better topwater for covering flats. The Buzzjets can be worked faster than most topwaters and are noisier than all but a few. The noise and commotion draws fish while the action triggers strikes. The biggest drawback is the price which at the time was the most I ever paid for a topwater. But after trying the Buzzjet Jr I feel the money was well spent. I see the Buzzjets doing things no other lure can. You can alternate working the lure as topwater and shallow crankbait which will a tremendous asset. Imagine being able to fish over thick grass then work it fast like a crankbait when in deeper open water. Or being able to slow down while cranking and work it as a topwater over isolated patches of thicker grass. To me this bait seems alot like a noisier version of the popular IMA Roumba. The difference being the extra splash and drawing power. I cant say this is must buy bait but if you like topwater and want a noisy bait that you can cover water with then this is the best. sb-mrbassky1
5 star night bait.
Seth Blinn (Mckinleyville, CA) 12/15/2008 7:08 PM
The Buzz jet is only 4" but fishes more like its 6". it weights 1 oz so it casts well. Buzzjet is a wake bait, It can be fished a few differnt ways. Slow and steady has worked best for me. Even on a slow retrieve this bait creates quite a comotion wide wobbel with a prop swishing up bubbles and adding just a little flash and squeeking sound, and loud rattels. This is a loud bait that realy shines in stained water or my favorite at night. I fish the bigger buzz jet on med. action swimbait gear and 20# big game. I reccomend a black buzzjet for night fishing and I like the lime ice jr. for day time. Especialy if your after spots and smallies on top. review by sethb