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IMA Shaker

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The IMA Shaker REALLY shakes it up! Its designed for early spring and late fall when water temps are 50-65 degrees and runs 3 to 5 deep. The ima Shaker works best when shad are on the move in the shallows. With a medium speed retrieve the bait will produce a wide wobbling action starting in the HEAD of the bait and working its way through the entire bait. The ima Shaker features a weight transfer system allowing the bait to travel up to distances of 60 ft on the cast. Coupled with greater accuracy this bait is no match for its counterpart, the balsa bait.

Best results are in the back of the creeks and up in the rivers thrown around wood, stumps and rocks. This is a great bait for getting reaction strikes when nothing else seems to be working. Use it on a medium to medium-light crank bait rod with a 5:1 or 6:1 gear ratio reel, whichever you prefer and use it on 8 to 12 pound line, and watch it fill your live well up.

The IMA Shaker is a Flat sided, Thin lipped crankbait and comes equipped with Owner ST-36 Hooks.

Model Length Hooks Weight Type
IMA Shaker (75mm) 2.75" Front #6 Tail #6 3/8 oz. Floating-Shallow Diver

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Product Reviews

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The crankbait that feels like a spinnerbait
Michael Carter (Winchester, KY) 2/16/2009 2:05 PM
The shaker is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I haven't used it much but I love the action. Its marketed as a cold water bait which is where I think it will shine but also I think it has a spot in warm murky water as well. Years ago I won a big tournament fishing a flat deep diving bait that put out vibration like this one. No doubt in my mind we could have done better in some of the shallow spots where our baits ran too deep if we had this one. I have always liked flat baits that thumped but this is by far the most quality one I have seen. It has the thin bill I love, great hooks, great colors and runs true. It is expensive but I don't know another bait that compares at the same niche. I think this will be the bait at times this year for me and I have a good feeling I will be getting more soon. The first warm spell we get this month I plan on having one tied on. sb-mrbassky1