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Lake Fork Flutter Spoon

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The Lake Fork Tackle flutter spoon made famous by Kelly Jordan as he boated big fish after big fish on Kentucky Lake during the Nationally televised show "Ultimate Match Fishing". The Lake Fork tackle flutter spoon is a bass magnet when fishing drops. It comes in 3 sizes (3, 4, and 5) and three fish catching colors. In addition to a traditional chrome finish, there is a Bar Fish yellow bass pattern and a silvery Magic Shad color, both with highly reflective scale and sparkle finishes that are produced by adding several layers of coatings to the raw spoon. An ultra sharp Gamakatsu hook makes sure that fish will stay on once they hit it.

Fishing the Lake Fork Flutter Spoon much different than fishing a regular jigging spoon, fishing this bait is more like retrieving a Texas rig with more exaggerated motions and longer strokes. Start by making a long cast which is very easy with the size and weight of these spoons and letting the spoon flutter down on limp line. Slack line is very important to the success of a flutter spoon, limp or slack line gives the bait its natural fluttering action similar to a dying shad and this provokes the instinctual feeding mechanism of big bass. Once the bait hits bottom, reel up your slack, holding your rod around the nine oclock position. Raise your rod to the twelve oclock or even 1 oclock position, pulling the spoon way up off the bottom. Some days you want to raise the spoon very briskly, while other days a slow steady lift works better. Once youve lifted the spoon, leave slack in the line and let it fall naturally back to the bottom. Repeat this process all the way to the boat, make sure to leave slack in the line each time it drops for that fluttering action that makes this bait work. If the fish are suspended instead of on the bottom, follow this same process, except count the bait down to the desired depth instead of letting it fall all the way to the bottom.

You'll detect hits in two different ways on this spoon, they will feel like a very sharp thump or you will see your line jump on the fall. As soon as either one of these signs is felt or seen set the hook immediately. You will find that bass will often strike this spoon several times before hooking up, if you detect a strike and miss it continue your retrieve and hold on!!

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Bar Fish

Magic Shad

Plain Jane

Sexy Shad

Chartreuse Shad




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Big Joe Spaits Flutter Spoon
Rick Byrnes (Tamaroa, IL) 6/21/2009 9:18 PM
This spoon is stamped out of the same mold as the big joe spaits flutter spoon and flat puts fish in the boat! Good tips above in the product description.