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Lake Fork Tackle Swimbaits

Lake Fork Tackle Trophy Lures is located in Emory, Texas and is owned and operated by Mark Pack. Mark is a long time bass tournament fisherman who started making professional grade fishing lures back in 1997. Since then, Lake Fork has released several top notch soft plastic lures and terminal tackle products that have made indubitable mark on the fishing industry.

The one lure in particular that stood out of the crowd is the Lake Fork "Live" Magic Shad. This is a soft bodied, segmented swimbait that encompasses a life-like swimming action that is truly unbelievable. The slightest twitch of your rod tip on your retrieve, and the "Live" Magic Shad darts and swims just like a real fleeing baitfish. The secret to it's success is in the design of the bait. Because the body is segmented, it articulates like nothing you have ever seen. The Lake Fork "live" Magic Shad can be rigged several different ways including; weightless, wacky rig, Texas rig, nail rig, Carolina rig, jig head rig, and drop shot rig. The "Live" Magic Shad comes in four sizes:3.5", 4.5", 5.5", and 8" and in ten different colors: white, golden shiner, green pumpkin, watermelon seed, watermelon seed red flake, barfish, magic shad, chartreuse pearl, albino shad, and watermelon red pearl.

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Lake Fork Live Magic Shad
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Lake Fork Live Magic Shad