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Lucky Craft Kelly J

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The Lucky Craft Kelly J: With the help of Lucky Craft pro staff member Kelly Jordon, Lucky Craft has designed a great topwater lure the Kelly J. Bream imitation have been the latest trend in bass fishing, and Lucky Craft has the new secret weapon. During the post spawn, bass feed heavily on shallow-water baitfish. Even into the summer months, as long as the baitfish are in shallow water, big female bass will stay around to eat them. With its deep profile, the Kelly J realistically resembles a baitfish, and according to Jordon, its like throwing live bait. With a prop on the front and one on the back, the Lucky Craft Kelly J makes a flicking noise as if it were an aggravating baitfish, and the bass cant resist. Because bass are opportunistic this time of year, the Lucky Craft Kelly J will catch fish based on more than hunger strikes alone. The aggravating noise of the Kelly J, along with its realistic colors and body shape, will increase the chance for hook ups. Fish the Kelly J down shallow banks, as well as around lay downs, shallow grass, backs of pockets and seawalls. Give it two short, subtle twitches followed by a pause, and continue the pattern back to the boat. It has a natural look while sitting in the water, which is key to any great bait

Model Length Hooks Weight Type
Lucky Craft Kelly J (70mm) 2.75" Belly #4 Tail #4 (6.2g) 7/32oz Topwater

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Aurora Black

Impact Yellow

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MS Black

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MS American Shad

Ghost Baby Bluegill


Product Reviews

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My new favorite prop bait
Michael Carter (Winchester, KY) 2/19/2009 12:06 PM
I just got this bait and I haven't had it long but I did try it out. But speaking only on what I have seen this is going to be one of my go2 top waters. While this bait is not hard to find my guess is fish still wont see many and like all prop baits this will give you a little something different. Worked fast I wasn't impressed but where this bait and all prop baits shine is around cover. This bait is marketed as a great post spawn bait and it is no surprise because it is a close copy of a homemade prop bait that is popular on the pro bass circuit in the post spawn around bluegill bedding areas. Which leads me to my only disappointment you cant buy this bait in any bluegill colors yet. Unlike a popping bait you can let this bait sit and when you move it the props spin whereas a popper may dive if the line sinks. The props are perfect on the Kelly J the sit in place at all times and move at the slightest pull. The bait is quality in every way like all lucky craft baits and while I don't know when this bait will replace my devils horse my guess is it will be often. One thing I already noticed is the Kelly J casts great compared to wooden prop baits and with better clear water colors it should be an easy pick when fishing clear water. If you like top waters you have to try one of these I think there isn't nothing on the market that compares. sb-mrbassky1