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Lucky Craft LV 200 Spin

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Lucky Craft's LV-200 Spin is not your typical lip-less crankbait. First off it has the added flash of the spinner and no rattles, instead it has a knocker plate inside to produce a completely different sound than any other bait in this category. Proof that Lucky Craft is constantly trying to produce specific baits that will help fishermen catch more fish in tough situations. Lucky Craft's LV-200 Spin was also designed with a slimmer body profile to make it come through weeds easier, and with less fouling. Because of the different sound created by the knocker plate, this LV is less likely to spook pressured bass. When the bite gets tough on traditional lip-less baits, throw them a bait that they haven't heard before like the LV-200 Spin.

Model Length Weight Depth
LV-200 Spin 3" (72mm) 5/8oz (17.0g) 6ft

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