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Lucky Craft Pointer 128

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The original Lucky Craft Pointer 128 Series has a lively, powerful action with a side-to-side slide. The Pointer 128 is a bait, which has attacking power with a strong rolling action. The Lucky Craft Pointer 78 is the right choice when youre on fish and searching for strikes from bigger fish. When youre searching for larger fish, the Pointer 100 is the go to jerkbait. The Pointer 128 is the largest of the pointer series and its rolling action is the best of the Pointer series. This product is the one miracle bait for bass.

Model Length Hooks Weight Type
Lucky Craft Pointer 128 (128mm) 5" Belly #4 Tail #4 (28g) 1oz Suspending

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Product Reviews

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The stanard in quality jerkbaits
Michael Carter (Winchester, KY) 1/8/2009 9:33 AM
Day to Day you would be hard pressed to find a better jerkbait than the Lucky Craft Pointer 128. The thing I learned about jerkbaits is even big ones catch small fish. I always use a bigger jerkbait because the extra casting distance is more important than size. I have caught too many 10in bass on jerkbaits that looked too big for small fish. The only time I use smaller jerkbaits is when there are lots of small baitfish or fishing shallower water. The 128 is the perfect size for jerkbait fishing. It catches keepers and big fish. If you want to invest in a quality jerkbait the 128 would be hard to beat. The action is great, the baits are weighted the same, and the finishes are incredible. The American shad 128 maybe one of the most common jerkbaits around. The erratic action and roll are just hard to beat and the 128 casts better than conventional jerkbaits. Its a bait I use from fall thru pre-spawn but during those times it is my go 2 search bait in clear water. And alot of times I will throw it all day. There are lots of good jerkbaits these days but this is one of the best I have seen. sb-mrbassky1