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Lunker City Slugo

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Slug-Go® is precision balanced to produce the erratic, injured prey action that draws instinctive strikes from all predatory fish.

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Product Reviews

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Flukes may catch more fish but the Slugo is hard to beat for bigguns
Michael Carter (Winchester, KY) 2/19/2009 9:12 AM
I like flukes for many reasons. They get better hookups, have more of a darting action, more available. But for big fish a slugo is hard to beat. I like to fish my slugo's with a slower action than a fluke. The bigger sizes of the slugo attract bigger fish. And I haven't found another soft jerkbait I liked in the bigger sizes. When I fish a slugo its usually in the spring when big fish are shallow. It works great around grass and wood. The side to side gliding action is a big bass trigger. The biggest downside to the slugo is you don't get the hookups you do with some other soft jerkbaits. A screw in nose hook seems to help a lot and I use a long MH rod with some backbone. And the big trick is make sure you get all of that slack out of your line. I do like the colors of the slugos the two toned colors with the dark green and brown backs and pearl or white bellies look great. Another plus is the slugo is more durable than its competitors. With the bigger slugos you can add a small treble to the belly and not affect the action to catch fish that slap at the bait. Spots and smallies are known for this but sometimes even largemouth just try to hit and kill a slugo. I am not saying get rid of your flukes but these are a better option for bigger fish and are the reason soft jerkbaits used to have more of a reputation as a big fish bait. sb-mrbassky1
Dean Hewes (Apple Valley, MN) 7/26/2008 11:00 AM
Before there were Senkos, there were Sluggos. Newer anglers then to confuse them but Senkos are not the new and improved plastic jerk bait. They are very different baits than Sluggos. Sluggos have better side-to-side action though they don't drop as well. If you need to cover water, Sluggos will do that better. A little weight inserted in the first third of the bait works best. Without that weight, you have the slowest falling on the market but one that does not vibrate as well as a Senko. I have had exceptional success with these baits. Bass, pike, and even Muskies love 'em.