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MS Slammer

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First hand crafted in 1993, the MS Slammer has truly stood the test of time.  The MS Slammer is designed to catch any species of game fish that wants to eat a large fish.  From stripers, laketrout, and musky to largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass, brown trout, rainbow trout, or even bluefin tuna, the MS Slammer will entice your larger than average specimens consistently! 

Each lure is hand made and personally inspected by Mike Shaw at each step in the lure making process.  Mike's 15 years of lure making experience mean that from the minute you pull your first MS Slammer out of the package to five years down the road when you are still catching fish on it, you're lure will perform like it should.  Many have reported continued use of MS Slammers that they have caught over 100 fish on and they are still getting new teeth marks on them. 

The original MS Slammer can be waked slowly across the surface, cranked down to 3-4 feet, or trolled on any combination of long line, leadcore, wire, or downrigger.  We recommend using a minimum of 20lb line for the small plug and 25lb test for the medium and large sizes.  The MS Slammer comes with a snap to ensure consistent kicking action and sports high quality VMC hooks to put big fish in the boat for you. 

The MS Slammer is available in three sizes; small, medium, and large.  We rate the lures like this because each plug is hand crafted and may vary slightly in size and weight.  As a general guideline, the small is 7" long and weighs 1.75oz, the medium is 9" long and weighs 3oz and the large is 12oz and weighs 4.5oz.  Order your MS Slammers today!





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Product Reviews

(5 Ratings, 5 Reviews) Average Rating:
My favorite wake bait
Michael Carter (Winchester, KY) 2/19/2009 11:53 AM
I know a lot of people have been throwing slammers for years but I haven't. I only have 1 slammer a 7in bass color (look different than in the picture a lot better). I haven't thrown it a lot but I already love it. Its not the best looking swimbait it could pass as a muskie bait, and its not cheap but its still a good deal for a bass swimbait. But its in the water looks that matter and the slammer is great looking in the water. It has a side to side wiggle that is amazing and it puts a perfect wake. What I really like is the 7in isn't heavy and I was able to throw it on a flippin stick until I got a swimbait rod. I weighs under 2oz which I like because it wont wear you out and more forgiving on your gear. The hooks are good but I have seen better, I haven't changed mine yet but I considered it. The bait is just well made you can tell from looking at it a lot of work went in to each bait. Mine is initialed which gives it that nice handmade touch I like on my wooden baits. The tail seems durable enough and I haven't had any problems and the joint looks like something you might see on a saltwater bait. The whole bait looks like you could throw it for sharks and it would hold up. For the price you cant beat it most other swimbaits this quality are $50 or more. If you thinking of getting a big wake bait but don't know if you will really get into swimbaiting this is the only way to go. You don't need a special outfit and its not terribly high. And if you are into swimbaiting I hope you have one already. And did I mention its a great night fishing bait, maybe the best night fishing wake bait made. sb-mrbassky1
The best action on top
Trevor Tippetts (Salt Lake City, UT) 1/12/2009 2:21 AM
I got a ms slammer and didn't throw it very much at first. I started throwing it and the action is unbelievable. The soft tail makes the wake pretty big and is very good looking in the water. You can reel the bait in fast making it go subsurface, but I fish it at a very slow speed with a twitch about every 10-20 feet. Mine didn't run straight when I got it but it was very easy to fix and I also had to replace the hooks, but other than that, the bait is awesome. It is by far my favorite wake bait and is always tied on. SBN: TNT
Get some
John French (San Diego, CA) 1/10/2009 1:32 PM
This is one lure I would definitely recommened to anyone, especially if you are getting into swimbaits. My first fish on this was a 5lb largemouth and it has produced my largest swimbait fish to date, a 9lb 8oz fish. I only have the 9" version but I've caught fish as small as 2lb on it. Most of my fish on this lure have come in late summer to early winter. It's a fun lure to use. frenchman on SBN.
MS Slammer - Don't leave home without it!
Chris (Colorado) 12/15/2008 3:22 PM
Living in Colorado, I was skeptical when my CA-delta based friends kept telling me to throw a swimbait at the local bass. I eventually relented (pictures of 10-lb+ largemouth will do that to you) and on their advice bought a couple of MS Slammers (7"). After spending a few trips figuring out how to fish them, I started to get success. My best Slammer fish to date is a 7-lb largemouth that I caught on two separate occasions, and last year I had a lot of fish in the 2 - 5 lb range. Here are some specific thoughts: - Lure quality: Great! I have about 8 Slammers now and they are all very well made. The only thing I've changed on any of them are the hooks, which seem a little light (I replaced them with Owners). The paint jobs are sweet and it seems like the more beat up they get, the more hits they get. - Fishability: Great! I've been bit waking the lures on top, but my most success has come slow-rolling the bait, with occasional pauses. They are also surprisingly easy to work through a weedbed, and I've gotten many strikes just as the lure emerges from the weeds. - Fatigue factor: If you throw heavy swimbaits for a day, it will take a toll on you. The smaller 7" Slammer is light enough that you can throw it all day without this happening. The 9" starts to get your attention, and the 12" definitely gets your attention. My recommendation: Buy this bait! The 7" is a great confidence builder and has enough of a beefy profile to attract attention. The 9" is a serious bait and gets bit, plain and simple. I've only thrown the 12" a couple of times but if you have big bass (or pike), then this is the one I'd recommend.
Great bait for novice and expert alike,
Seth Blinn (Mckinleyville, CA) 12/13/2008 5:07 PM
This is the bait that started it all for me. Great bait for both the expert big bait chucker and the swimbait newbie. I change out the factory hooks and split ring with each new bait I get. On a long cast and steady retrieve it can be cranked down 3-5'. It can be fished a few different ways. by far the most productive method for me has been slowly waking it on the surface. When retrieved slowly it has nice swimming action and pushes a good wake. Its subtle knocking and squeeking sounds call the fish in for a closer look. It doesn't look like much but this bait realy gets bit. You can throw this bait in places where you would be scared to throw other high dollar hard plastic baits. You can bounce it off stumps dock and rocks. The paint might get a little chewed up but it will keep catching fish. I haven't fished the 12". The 9" gets plenty of bites and has all the beefy profile needed to get that big bite. I would recommend the 7" to any novice looking to get started swimbaiting. Big enough to attract quality bites yet small enough it can be thrown all day with little fatigue. The 7" gets a ton of bites and is a lot of fun to fish. reviewed by sethb