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Okuma Guide Select Swimbait Rods

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Price: $109.99
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Okuma Guide Select Swimbait Rods: With the ever growing popularity of swimbait fishing Okuma has developed a series of rods in the Guide Select series designed to throw these large baits. Our swimbait specialists have spent hundreds of hours on the water researching the correct actions for this technique and have come up with 6 rods that will cover any swimbaiting application. Constructed with IM8 graphite these lightweight, responsive blanks are coupled with the best components available on the market today. The Fuji reel seat and Fuji New Concept guides with Alconite inserts balance these workhorse rods so you can effectively fish all day without wearing yourself out. Couple all of this with Okuma's unprecedented lifetime warranty that covers these rods. You are sure to fish with confidence knowing that you have the best rod available. Listed below are a few suggestions for some of the popular swimbaits and hardbaits that are on the market.

GS-C-7111MH - Smaller swimbaits and hardbaits (Mattlures Bluegill & Bass, 7 inch MS Slammers, 6 inch Castaic Platinum, 7 inch Stocker Trout, Rago Bluegill, Megabait LA Sliders)
GS-C-7111H - Medium sized simbaits and large hardbaits (9 & 12 inch MS Slammers, 10 inch Triple Trout, 10 inch Castaic Platinum, Rago Hard Raptor)
GS-C-7111XH - Large Swimbaits (9 & 10 inch Stocker Trout, 12 inch Castaic Baits, Huddleston Deluxe, Rago Live Trout Softbait, Mattlures Trout)







Guide Type


Swimbait Rods

GS-C-7111MH 7' 11"
3/4 - 3oz 1
Fuji New Concept w/Alconite
GS-C-7111H 7' 11"
1 - 6oz 1 Fuji New Concept w/Alconite
GS-C-7111XH 7' 11"
2 - 10oz 1 Fuji New Concept w/Alconite


Product Reviews

(7 Ratings, 7 Reviews) Average Rating:
victor cunningham (surprise, AZ) 12/8/2010 11:50 PM
I have 1 of each of these rods. I use the lighter stick for Mattlures, Madgills or hardgill slow sinkers & floaters. Maybe Castaic catch 22's up to 8" in slow sink. The middle stick gets an rof 0 huddleston. Otherwise a 3:16 or osprey. The big stick gets the rof 5's & bigger. I use an rof 6 in water 20ft deep though, so it don't matter to me. Thread some 80# braid on it & it's a muskie stick to be revered...The $$ saved leaves you with more swimbaits in your box...
Great Rod For The Money
Brian P (Las Vegas, NV) 3/2/2009 10:40 AM
My one and only swimbait rod is the Okuma 761 MH and I love it. It is a great rod for the money and is perfect for throwing small to medium sized swimbaits. It does a great job throwing the MattLures Bluegills and the 6" Hudds. It even does a decent job on the 8" Hudd as well but you would probably be better served to get either the Heavy or Extra Heavy action if you throw alot of the bigger baits. Swimbait Nation: bfishin.
Priced right
Tree Plumbtree (Rancho Murieta, CA) 1/13/2009 4:28 PM
I own two of these rods in each of the sizes listed above and I am extremely happy with all of them. As other reviewers have pointed out these rods are an exceptional value, but they are also flat out good sticks for throwing swimbaits. Each size/power rod has it's own use and the Okuma site gives some excellent info on which rod you should consider for different baits. I like the handle configuration (BTW...the picture above is not accurate) They come with a split-grip handle with a pistol grip at the butt end that makes casting large baits much easier. All of the rods I own have held well and proven to be resilient. I guess you could go out and buy a $300+ rod...or you could get three of these and not have to be tying on different baits all day. Your choice. Bass_Daddy
my first swimbait rod
brian barnett (santa maria, CA) 12/17/2008 10:18 PM
This is the 1st and unfortunately only swimbait rod I own. I'm pretty happy with it, I bought the xh which can throw any bait I own, the price is dead on, not too expensive but not dirt wal-mart cheap either so I had confidence I was getting a good rod for my money and I have heard nothing but good reviews about the customer service. All around its a good deal.. cali805fishing, brian
best for the money
Brent Pettit (Osgood, IN) 12/13/2008 6:56 PM
I purchased this rod late in 2007. I recieved the 7'11" XH. This rod was one of the cheapest on the market. The only other one in this same price range was the Matt Newman Fig Rig. I originally bought this rod for throwing the BBZ-1 at first, along with some 8" Castaic boot tails. I paired this rod with an Abu Garcia 6500 C3. Old school, but excellent for throwing big baits. This rod loads extremely well and casts these baits a long way. I have had zero problems with this rod and it unfortunately has revieved plenty of abuse. Casting, sensitivity etc. is really good with this rod. The taper and action is perfect for my purposes. The only downside with this rod is that it may be a little stiff for throwing baits with treble hooks. I have even had to resort to using this rod for lightweight baits. I have even thrown baby wakes on it. This rod excelled when pitching light lures around stumps and weeds. This rod still does extremely well, even with baits that are below its weight range. Great rod for many different baits.