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Plano Pro Latch Stowaway Boxes

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Plano Pro Latch series storage boxes: 3500 series. 3600 series, 3700 series, plus other popular sizes.






ProLatch 3500




ProLatch 3600




ProLatch 3700




ProLatch 3630

11" 7.25" 2.75"

ProLatch 3730




ProLatch 3731




ProLatch 3750

14" 9.13" 2"

ProLatch 3780




ProLatch 7080




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Plano 3500

  • ProLatch 3500 size w/adjustable dividers

  • Great intermediate size

  • Four dividers create 5-9 compartments

  • Fits many Plano hard and soft systems

Experience the storage power of Plano ProLatch utility boxes. The Plano 2-3500 is a great intermediate size. Create 5-9 compartments with dividers. This box will fit many Plano hard and soft systems.

Plano 3600

  • ProLatch 3600 size w/adjustable dividers

  • 6-21 adjustable compartments

  • Clear

The storage power of Plano ProLatch utility boxes assures a place for all your tackle. The Plano 2-3600 is a great intermediate size. Create 5-9 compartments with dividers. This box will fit many Plano hard and soft systems.

Plano 3700

  • The Classic StowAway

  • ProLatch 3700 size w/adjustable dividers

  • 4-24 adjustable compartments

  • Clear

The Classic Plano 2-3700 ProLatch StowAway provides unparalleled storage options. Dividers create 4-24 adjustable compartments for lots for bait. Made with 100% worm-proof, high-impact resistant plastic, this box will last a long time.

Plano 3630

Experience the storage power of Plano ProLatch utility boxes. The Plano 2-3630 is a great intermediate size. Create 4-9 compartments with dividers. This box will fit many Plano hard and soft systems.

  • 2.5" deep storage
  • 4-9 adjustable compartments
  • 11" x 7.25" x 2.75"

Plano 3730

  • ProLatch Deep StowAway

  • 4-15 adjustable compartments

  • Deep version of the classic 3700 StowAway

  • Great for pork jars and other large baits

  • Clear

When you need deeper storage for those bulkier items, the Plano 2-3730 ProLatch StowAway has one large open area to accommodate any situation.

Plano 3731

  • ProLatch Deep StowAway

  • One deep open compartment

  • Clear

For bulkier gear, use the Plano 3731 ProLatch StowAway utility box. It has one deep compartment and represents the ultimate in bulk storage.

Plano 3750

  • INHIBITOR Chips to help prevent rust and corrosion

  • 4-27 adjustable compartments

  • Full width bulk storage

  • Includes 5 Inhibitor VCI Pro Chips

  • Clear

The Plano® 2-3750 ProLatch StowAway® utility box not only stores and organizes tackle, but also protects it from rusting with 5 Inhibitor VCI Pro Chips. Included dividers create with 4-27 adjustable compartments.

Plano 3780

  • ProLatch 3780 Deep StowAway w/adjustable dividers

  • Create 6-21 compartments

  • Versatile deep bulk storage

  • Clear

Versatile bulk storage is what the Plano 2-3780 ProLatch StowAway offers along with outstanding durability. Dividers create up to 6-21 compartments next to a large open area.


  • ProLatch - XXL Stowaway®

  • Extra deep

  • Extra large open compartment

  • Ultimate clear bulk storage

  • 17.5x16x5

The 7080 XL ProLatch StowAway® is one extra deep, extra large open compartment making it the ultimate in bulk storage. The Worlds Largest StowAway® is perfect for those hard to store items or a great way to consolidate smaller storage boxes.

Product Reviews

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Organization is Key
Ray Charpentier (Simi Valley, CA) 3/25/2009 4:34 PM
The 3700 boxes are the backbone of my organization. I have boxes for every specific style of bait. example: shallow divers, medium, etc. I have moved on to the the 3730 boxes for baits I have a lot of like lipless crankabits or if the baits are bigger, like deep divers. I also keep empty 3700's to load up tackle for fishing trip and drop it in a backpack or my tackle bag. The boxes with the pro latches are head and shoulders above their original boxes with the molded latches. If you are looking to organize your tackle, these are the boxes you want.
plano, plain and simple
Kyle Chong (brentwood, CA) 3/11/2009 11:09 PM
I love all my Plano boxes. Nothing much you can say about them, except they work. I love the 3730 for my swimbaits. Instead of paying high dollar for swimbait specific box.
best on the market
Brent Pettit (Osgood, IN) 1/19/2009 12:54 AM
I use these boxes to store all of my soft plastics. I keep the plastics in their original bags or in Ziploc bags and they fit in these boxes very well. These boxes can also be decent for hard baits, but there are better methods out there. Latches are top of the line and very secure. SN name: bd pettit