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Quick Coat Worm Dye

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Quick Coat Dye quickly and easily change the color of your soft plastics lure with this bright, fast drying dye! If the fish are biting on a hot color, then quickly "change" your lure to that color, or add accents - the possibilities are endless! 4 oz. bottles.

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Product Reviews

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Markers are great but these are the way to go if you want a bait to glow
Michael Carter (Winchester, KY) 2/16/2009 12:47 PM
I love markers a lot but if you want a red tail to really glow then you cant compare a marker to good old fashion dip. A marker is great for a touch up and details but you cant get the real deep colors with a marker. Actually dip is brighter than you get baits that are red or orange. The only downside is it does stain I know thousands of boats across the country are stained with dips like this one. And I wouldn't do it in someone Else's boat unless you know them well and make sure you do it over the side of the boat. Its better to do a couple baits before you get on the water to save time anyway. And it does drip so hold the bait over the side of the boat more than you think it needs to dry. I like adding chartreuse to my tails and the red or orange to crawdad baits pincher's. Also a touch of this to a bait when bed fishing will help you keep sight of your bait. sb-mrbassky1