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Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver 4.20

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The Reaction Innovations Sweet Beavers tail pinching action simulates a crawfish unlike any other soft plastic. Fish this bait with a light bullet weight and its gliding action triggers the most lethargic bass into aggressive strikes. Fished on a Carolina rig the Sweet Beaver still produces the same action with more stability than other popular lures. The Sweet Beaver is the Hottest Bait in the country! (10 per pack)

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Product Reviews

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Best Beaver ever
Michael Carter (Winchester, KY) 12/31/2008 2:59 PM
Often imitated never duplicated. While it may look like a creature bait the sweeeeeet beaver fishes more like a tube. The sweet beaver falls in a gliding action similar to a tube and in fact is often used in the same scenarios you might use a tube-punching grass, flipping, ect. But the sweet beaver also has a profile that is a great crayfish imitation and baitfish imitation at the same time. I am also a big fan reaction innovations baits. They make nothing but the high quality baits and the sweet beaver is no exception. The colors are great and the construction is top notch. You probably own some sweet beavers already but if you don't they should be one of the next baits you buy. sb-mrbassky1