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Sebile Crankster MR

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Price: $14.99

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The sleek sexy styling of the Sebile Crankster MR reflects its performance on a whole new level. Revolutionary concepts like the free floating bearing and extruded bill, have birthed the longest and straightest casting crankbait on the market. Say goodbye to knuckling, wind driven casts and broken bills and hello to pinpoint accuracy, distance, and full bags. The body has been created through a high level aerodynamic action research which limits friction and increases castability, allows for faster action in power fishing and immediate reactions for finesse fishing. 

Details of the Cranksters head. Its brute face was designed to give it some real personality, for fish and angler, as a distinguishing mark. The eye signals are oversized, with the red blood SEBILE 3D holographic eyes always visible on this lure. The Crankster features a square-bill design on a deep-bodied crankbait, ie: it gives a big-meal-look in a relatively small bait size that can effectively go in and out of cover where fish like to hide and ambush.

As bass can attack straight on or sometimes just slap the lure with their mouth, the choice for Cranksters hooks was simple : Owner ST36. Ultra sharp, very strong, thin wire, they provide every asset even pro anglers have learned to rely on to win! 

The Possessed Series Blood Red Life happens with SEBILEs new Blood Red colors, bass key in on motion when looking for a meal. The innovative new Blood Red colors in the Sebile Crankster MR take bait fish motion and mimicry to a level never seen before in artificial lures with a patented new and revolutionary internal body fluid blood system. Even at rest, the fluid continues to transfer energy fore and aft creating lifelike quivers, trembles, pulsations, sights and sounds of weak and distressed baitfish. The special red-colored fluid in the Blood Red series baits visually shows motion just as it creates motion when energy is transferred fore and aft while the lure is being fished. The combination appeals to a fishs sight and motion feeding instincts to trigger an easy meal message. 

Model Length Hooks Weight Type
Sebile Crankster MR55 (55mm) 2 1/3" Owner ST36 (14.0g) 1/2oz Floating
Sebile Crankster MR65 (65mm) 2 5/8" Owner ST36 (17.7g) 5/8oz Floating

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Possessed Series
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Product Reviews

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Great shallow crank
Trevor Tippetts (Salt Lake City, UT) 1/12/2009 1:51 AM
I got a few of the white with red oil cranksters from a friend at a tournament in October. I threw it and on the 2nd cast caught my biggest largemouth of the tournament. The action is a very tight wiggle, but when twitched the bait just comes to life. The oil helps make a different noise than other crankbaits and makes fish bite. The bill is also very different than any other crank I’ve ever seen. I threw this crank for 3 days ALL DAY and hit everything possible. The bait only snagged once and it was very easy to get free. Its a great crank and I’ll always have one tied on. SBN: TNT