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Sebile Lipless Crankbaits

Sebile Lures was created by Patrick Sebile and is located in Monument, Colorado. Patrick's goal was not to just start another lure company but to create a company with the purpose of giving the angler tools birthed from the most innovative concepts and ideas available today.

The Sebile Flat Shad Lipless crankbait was designed with a rounded belly swims with extreme vibration. Its size and unique design accurately imitate most baitfish and the " loss of scales " effect is optimized among schooling fish. The weedless quality of the Sebile Flat Shad allows for confident casts to heavy cover and can also easily be jigged or trolled.

The Sebile Flat Shad is part of the Possessed Series. The revolutionary principal behind the patent pending "possessed" series is the glitter filled fluid in the cavity that moves and flows bringing life to the lure. The moving fluid creates the "3D" appearance of loss of scales like a fleeing and injured baitfish, while improving casting distance and accuracy by optimizing weight displacement. The blood red eye's send out a 360° signal easily defining the zone of attack!

The highest quality stainless and corrosion resistant components available are used in manufacturing the Possessed series. The Flat Shad 54 is 2" in length and weighs 3/8oz and the Flat Shad 66 is 2.6" in length and weighs 1/2oz. Both models are offered in eight different colors.

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Sebile Flat Shad
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Sebile Flat Shad
Sebile Flat Shad lipless crankbait