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Sumo Frog

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Imagine throwing your Sumo Frog across a 1/4 acre patch of two inch thick moss mat. People watching you from the bank think your crazy, you might as well be fishing on your front lawn. All of a sudden 5 feet from your boat a bomb goes off throwing moss and water in all directions as a 12 pounder literally explodes on your Frog. You about jump out of your skin. You hear someone on the bank shout Myyy Godddd!!! That''s what we''re talking about. That’s the feeling you want. Try a Sumo Frog and you may get it.

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Black Menace

Brown Menace

Chartreuse Escape

Ghost Bullfrog

Ghost Purple

Gold Flake

Green Menace

Orange Halogram

Orange Pearl

Pink Escape

Purple Silver Flake

Sparkle Fire Tiger

Sparkle Green

Stealth Clear

Transparent Chartreuse

White Escape

Product Reviews

(3 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
A great bait.
Robert Kim (New York, NY) 3/23/2011 4:47 PM
This is a very well-designed frog, and creates spectacular strikes exactly as described in the product description (except my words were a lot more X-Rated than in the original description!!). I've NEVER lost a fish on it, which really speaks to the great hook design, and the low price for this bait is an added bonus. The best part is, I caught the biggest fish of my life on it and you won't believe what I was throwing it on! An ultra light rod, loaded with #10 Fire Line braid, in the lily pads. Go figure.
My frog for mats
Michael Carter (Winchester, KY) 2/16/2009 3:19 PM
With the spro frog I don't use the Sumo frog as much these days. But the Sumo frog is still a great bait. In fact it was the bait Rojas used before designing the spro frog. The difference is the Sumo frog is Wider which I think helps over heavy mats. The Hooks are as good as any and you can still walk it. While I like the Spro most of the time if I have a color I like better in a sumo frog I will use it instead. The other thing I notice is the Sumo seems to come over scum better I don't know why but when you get slime on a spro from you won't on a sumo frog sometimes. With so many good frogs out now this is still one of the best and there's nothing wrong with it. If Rojas didn't team up with spro this would be the frog we would all be talking about. sb-mrbassky1