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Sunline Shooter Defier

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Price: $33.99

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Sunline Shooter Defier is the culmination of Morizo Shimizu's pride and confidence. Sunline Shooter Defier is a second-generation co-polymer line that offers a smoother finish than ever before possible, giving you every advantage for casting distance and accuracy. The resin system of Shooter Defier keeps the line very supple by resisting water absorption, making it much easier to handle on casting and spinning reels. Sunline Shooter Defier comes in a stealth camouflage dark green to disappear in the water. Since Shooter Defier doesn't absorb water and resists UV breakdown it hold up under usage as well as fluorocarbon lines, so you don't have to spool up as often.

Strength (lb) 13 15 17 19 22
Standard Dia. (mm) 0.300 0.320 0.340 0.360 0.380
Line size (#) 3.25 3.75 4.25 4.75 5.25

Product Reviews

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Awesome Mono
Tree Plumbtree (Rancho Murieta, CA) 1/7/2009 8:01 PM
Purchased this line in 22# test for throwing swimbaits. I have it on three different Shimano 301's. My first choice in line is typically a braid, because there are qualities in most mono type lines that I just can't stand. This line does not have any of those problems. It casts extremely well, it is very limp, has virtually no memory and at this point has proven to be extremely durable. It has just the amount of stretch I'm looking in not much. Absolutely plan on coming back for more when the the times comes. Bass_Daddy