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Triton Mike Bull Shad

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The 7 and 8 inch Bull Shad swimbaits are favorites for trophy hunting with the 8 incher being the overall favorite. When using these size baits you are looking for quality fish and not quantity, these are trophy sized baits designed to catch big Trophy bass especially the bigger 8 inch Big Bull. Both of these baits work extremely well at slow crawl speeds as well as normal retrieves. They have a rate of fall (ROF) of about 5 to 7 feet per 10 seconds and you can wake them with the rod tip up high and a semi normal retrieve. These baits also standup nose down on the bottom in a feeding pose and can be effectively jigged on the bottom.

Not everybody has the confidence to throw the 7 and 8 inch Bull Shads so most anglers that are new to swimbaits start off with smaller sized baits as they are more tournament friendly for numbers. I personally started off with 6 inch sized baits before I moved onto the bigger sized swimbaits. These baits are more so for quantity vs quality. That's not to say that you can't catch a trophy on these sized baits because many anglers have caught quite a few big quality fish on these sized baits. These baits due to their smaller size are geared towards more quantities of fish.

The 5 inch Bull Shad really shines on schooling fish whether it be bass, or smaller hybrids or white bass. The 6 incher you can work at semi slow to fast retrieves . The 5 incher is strictly a slow to medium retrieve bait. You can throw both of these baits on your favorite normal bass rods and reels. For the 5 incher you can rig it on any spinnerbait/senko type rod (Medium Heavy action) and use 15 to 20lb test. The 6 inch Bull Shad you can easily throw it on your favorite flipping stick and I would recommend using 20lb test line. 

No expenses have been spared when it comes to the components used on the Bull Shad. Each bait is equipped with top of the line components. Strong Black Chrome Owner Hooks, Owner Hyper Wire split rings, top of the line resins, life like 3D eyes and 100% stainless steel 220lb + rated swivels. Each bait has two built in 100% stainless steel swivels that swivel to prevent a wise Trophy Fish from twisting free.



5" Bull Shad

1.25 oz..

6" Bull Shad

1.75 oz.

7" Bull Shad

2.75 oz.

8" Bull Shad

3.5 oz.

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