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XCalibur Crankbaits

Located in Fort Smith Arkansas, XCalibur Crankbaits are made to offer you the most advanced methods in creating the most durable and advanced fishing lures on the market. The bottom line is that you will get the results you want with XCalibur fishing lures, whether you are big game fishing or bass fishing with any of XCaliburʼs outstanding fishing lures. The flawless high-sheen finishes jump to life with intricate etched detail. Red three-dimensional eyes on every XCalibur fishing lure enhances the attraction. And in the water, XCalibur baits are perfection in motion. The shapes and swimming motions of XCaliburʼs fishing lures and baits were optimized using computer-aided analysis and intense underwater observation.

Xcalibur XW6 Wake Bait - The XCalibur XW6 Wake Bait is masterfully engineered to swell the surface and push out a broad wake as it wobbles aggressively right at the surface. The XCalibur Wake Bait draws fish from afar and elicits violent strikes. Staying true and riding high at all speeds while calling with loud rattles, this Hi-Tek bait triggers a big bass' built-in aggressiveness. The XCalibur XW6 Wake Bait is 2 3/4" in length, weighs 3/4oz and is available in eight different colors.