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XCalibur XR50

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XCalibur XR50 because the sound of success is Hi-Tek. This lipless crankbait brings them in from far-off with super-loud rattles and a tight, precision-tuned vibrating wiggle. It casts like a bullet and emits an awesome amount of vibration at a death-cry-of-a-minnow pitch. Its meticulously detailed design makes this rattle bait the unparalleled choice in vibrating lures.

Using High-tech, precision tuned instruments, XCalibur is able to offer you a crankbait fishing lure, such as the Xr50 Rattlebait, that is almost impossible to fish wrong. It swims on its way down on slack fishing line and swims as you retrieve it, sure to make your bass fishing excursions successful and plentiful. With this finely tuned, Hi-Tek rattle bait from XCalibur, you can be assured that you now have the leading edge in crankbait and rattle bait bass fishing lures. Sound your arrival and lure your trophy fish with the vibrating action of the XCalibur Xr50 Rattlebait today.

Model Length Hooks Weight Type
XCalibur XR50 (65mm) 2.5" Belly #4 Tx3 Tail #6 Tx3 (16.4) 5/8oz Sinking

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Foxy Shad

Pearl Melon

Gold Black

Chrome Black

Chrome Blue Orange

Rayburn Red

Royal Shad

Royal Red


Product Reviews

(3 Ratings, 3 Reviews) Average Rating:
This is "Sounder"
Charles Venters Jr (Dallas, TX) 5/26/2011 10:36 PM
This is the bait that i use to call them out from the deep. it has so much rattle that you can hear it when it gets close to you. The chome gold color is the lure color that I can use almost anywhere. The big ones hit it real hard & the factory hooks catch even the ones that short stike it. I keep at least 3 of the same colors in the box. You have to try them, I promise you that you won't regret the purchase. Plus this is a $1 cheaper than buyng it at Bass Pro.
A hot bait moving up my list quick
Michael Carter (Winchester, KY) 2/18/2009 10:52 AM
While I throw all types of lipless baits the xr50 is quickly moving up my list. I first bought one because they had my favorite color royal shad but I found out I like the bait a lot. The bait is close to the same sound as a rattletrap only more high pitched. The baits are quality made and run straight out of the box unlike some rattletraps. The hooks don't need to be changed unless you have a certain type you swear by. The colors are all good really are a step up from the more traditional lipless crankbaits. The bait has a little smaller profile which I am fine with to give me another option in my arsenal. If you like lipless crankbaits let me tell you these are for real and there is a reason they are becoming one of the most popular selections. Everything about these baits is quality and the only real problem I have is that are not offered in more sizes. But I have a feeling that is on the way. I think these are the only lipless crankbaits that compare to Lucky Craft baits and they are cheaper as well. sb-mrbassky1
My to go to lipless crank
David Giudice (Madison, AL) 1/7/2009 10:39 AM
I have fished the xcaliber xr50's for some time now. This lipless crank has become my to go to crank and has caught me many fish during tournaments. This trap has great action, and good rattles that I have found has preformed above every trap in my box, and believe me I love trap fishing as much as I love swimbait fishing. The xr50 also has caught me several fish in the 5 and 6 lb range on several occasions here in north Alabama. This is also the crank I grab when I need to rip them off the grass to induce strikes, or when schooling bass are on baitfish this crank flat out catches fish!!!!!!! grapeape52