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Yamamoto Senko's

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When it comes to rubbing bass the wrong way, Yamamoto's soft jerkbait Senko is the ultimate rebel. The Senko is one of the most enticing and versatile finesse lures ever invented. This bait quivers and wiggles on a dead stick fall and seems to be alive without moving the bait at all.  Not only does the bait have incredible action, but it casts like a bullet and gets into the strike zone quickly. In addition to its high standing as a darting, diving, soft jerkbait, the Senko doubles nicely as a "do nothing" Carolina-rig bait. It will also produce strikes when fished wacky style. 


Per Pack

3 inch Senko


4 inch Senko


5 inch Senko


6 inch Senko


7 inch Senko


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Black Blue Glitter

Blue Pearl Silver Glitter

Cream White


Black Small Red Flake

Smoke Large Black Flake

Chartreuse Black Flake

Smoke Black & Purple Flake

Blue Black Chartreuse Flake

Motor Oil Large Red Flake

Cinnamon Black Flake

Smoke Black & Silver Flake

Pumpkin Black Flake

Clear With Black


Watermelon Black Glitter

Pumpkin Black & Green Glitter

Clear Black & Red Flake

Watermelon Black & Red Flake

June Bug

Smoke Black/Blue & Gold

Bubble Gum

Plum With Emerald Flake

Purple Pearl Small Blue

Blue Pearl Black & Hologram

Smoke Pearl Blue

Cinnamon Brown

Rootbeer Large Red Small Gold

Green Pumpkin Black

Smoke With Black Hologram

Green Pumpkin Lg. Green Purple

Red Black Red Glitter

Pearl Lg. Gold Sm. Black

Smoke Rootbeer Green Copper

Daiquiri Black & Hologram

Gold Pearl

Fading Watermelon With Blue

Green Pumpkin Purple Copper


Watermelon Large Red & Green

Baby Bass

Natural Shad


Fading Watermelon

Chart with Green & Chart

Watermelon with Black Flake

Cinnamon Red with Blue

Cinnamon with Black & Purple


Disco Green




Fading Watermelon with Purple

Amber Core Shot

Watermelon Magic

Plum Apple

Bama Bug

Brown Indigo Red Flake

Green Pumpkin Magic

Light Green Pumpkin Red Flake

Dark Pumpkin/Purple Blk Emerald Flk

      Smoke Blue Pearl Silver Purple Flake

Mad Melon

Green Pumpkin Red Flake

Green Pumpkin Sm. Purple Flake

Green Pumpkin Blue



Watermelon Candy

Green Pumpkin Blue
Morning Dawn
               Watermelon Violet                     Watermelon Red Magic                     Watermelon Red Flake       Watermelon Green/Black Flk

Product Reviews

(5 Ratings, 5 Reviews) Average Rating:
GYCB Senko
Aaron Homan (St. Marys, OH) 2/14/2009 1:37 PM
Want to catch bass easy? Try some Gary Yammamoto Senkos in 5" and you wont be let down. These things are fish catching machines and can be fished a countless number of ways. Weightless, wacky, t-rigged, on a jig head, just to name a few. These are heavily salt impregnated and have a great little wiggle when they fall into the depths that drive bass crazy. My favorite colors are 21 and 330. I believe these two colors will produce in any situation anywhere. The only setback of these phenomenal baits is the durability. Being heavily salt impregnated, they are vulnerable to rips and tears, but who cares if you are catching bass?!? These WILL catch you fish and some big ones too. (THEbassmaster)
An All Time Favorite
Brian P (Las Vegas, NV) 1/20/2009 3:13 PM
Forget the knock offs, this is the soft stick bait to throw. Get a few bags in the basic colors and you are good to go. My absolute favorite colors in any of the Yamamoto soft plastics are the #301 and the #330. Both are truly outstanding in all water conditions. I don't think that bass will ever get conditioned to this bait. Fish it wacky if the bite is slow, if it's still slow ... downsize to the 4" and repeat... trust me you will get bit. Swimbait Nation: bfishin.
Go to bait
jbone522 (Indianapolis, IN) 1/10/2009 12:19 PM
This is another one of those 'must have' baits and is great when fish are active but is also a great 'go to' bait when fishing is tough. Favorite colors are watermelon candy, green pumpkin and black/blue. jbone522
A method on its own
Michael Carter (Winchester, KY) 1/7/2009 3:07 PM
Senko fishing has established itself as a top way to catch shallow fish. The senko works many ways but shines when worked weightless. The fall of the senko is magical and no bait is as popular rigged weightless. The only downside to a senko is that it usually isnt as good fished in deeper water. It is also deadly dead sticked and a lot people never deadsticked a bait before the senko. The 5in senko is the most popular size and most versatile. I use mine like a Texas rig letting it sink and lifting and dropping the bait but also can work it faster when I need to cover more water. The key to good hooksets is take your time fish wont drop a senko. I always use a pumpkin or watermelon unless I am around alot of shad when I go to a baitfish color. I use mine anytime fish are shallow and they aren't limited to murky water. I am sure most people have fished senkos but if your new to bass fishing or are buying for someone you cant go wrong with these. They real knock is senkos aren't cheap and they are soft and tear up easy. But I learned a good trick if you rotate the lure you can get more use and you can even turn it backwards if you need to. If there is a must have bait it is the senko. sb-mrbassky1
Brent Pettit (Osgood, IN) 12/15/2008 11:40 AM
I am not sure that I can say anything more than what other anglers have said for years. The subtle pulsating action of this bait is absolutely tremendous. This can be fished weightless, t-rigged, Carolina rigged, wacky, shaky head, drop shot, or used as a jig trailer. All ways mentioned will definitely catch fish. The different sizes of this lure make it ideal for almost any conditions. Some other brands have tried to imitate the senko, but no one has matched the fish catching ability of the original. SN name: bd pettit